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Whitetail Deer
Our hunts are all fair chase with no high fences. We are managing our deer herd for trophy deer, so we harvest mature bucks only and does as needed. You can expect to see 5 to 15 bucks a day. We hunt tower blinds, ground blinds, tripods, and tree stands overlooking prime areas, feeders and travel routes. We will not have over 4 hunters at a time, to keep pressure to minimum. We only do 10 hunts per year and expect 100% success. You can expect to have an opportunity at a buck from 130” to 170”or larger, and there are NO TROPHY FEES!


Rifle, Black powder, & Archery Hunts
Wake up early, eat a light breakfast and head for the blinds. We want to be in the blinds well before daylight. You can hunt all day and eat a packed lunch or we will pick you up around 11 am and eat lunch. After your evening hunt we will dine at a local diner.